LifterLMS Blocks

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.7.1

  • Bug fix: Fixed a WordPress 5.3 issues with JSON data affecting the ability to save course/membership instructors.
  • Update: Added filter, llms_block_supports_visibility to allow modification of the return of the check.
  • Update: Disabled block visibility on registration & account forms to prevent a potentially confusing form creation experience.
  • Update: Added block editor rendering for password type fields.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.7.0

  • Membership post types can now use the LifterLMS Pricing Table block.
  • Membership post types are automatically migrated to the block editor (use the pricing table block instead of the pricing table action).
  • Added a block editor template for the Membership post type.
  • The block ‘llms/form-field-redeem-voucher’ is now only available on registration forms.
Bug Fixes
  • Backwards compatibility fixes for WP Core 5.2 and earlier.
  • Perform post migrations on current_screen instead of admin_enqueue_scripts.
  • Fix an issue causing “No HTML Returned” to be displayed in place of the Lesson Progression block on free lessons when viewed by a logged-out user.
  • Import InspectorControls from wp.blockEditor and fallback to wp.editor to maintain backwards compatibility.
  • Fall back to wp.editor for RichText import when wp.blockEditor is not found.
  • Import from wp.editor when wp.blockEditor is not available.
  • Return early during renders on WP Core 5.2 and earlier where the PluginDocumentSettingPanel doesn’t exist.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.6.0

  • Feature: Added form field blocks for use on the Forms manager.
  • Feature: Add logic for logged_in and logged_out block visibility options.
  • Update: Added isDisabled property to Search component.
  • Update: Adjusted priority of render_block filter to 20.
  • Bug fix: Import InspectorControls from wp.blockEditor in favor of deprecated wp.editor
  • Bug fix: Automatically store course/membership instructor with post_author data when the post is created.
  • Bug fix: Pass style rules as camelCase.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.4.0

  • Added an “unmigration” utility to LifterLMS -> Status -> Tools & Utilities which can be used to remove LifterLMS blocks from courses and lessons which were migrated to the block editor structure. This tool is only available when the Classic Editor plugin is installed and enabled and it will remove blocks from ALL courses and lessons regardless of whether or not the block editor is being utilized on that post.