Release Notes

LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-beta.2

  • Updates LifterLMS Blocks to 2.0.0-beta.6.
  • (Re-)introduces the user information shortcode as [llms-user].
  • Add Admins status tool to reinstall core forms & reusable blocks.
  • Fixed issue causing data from conditionally disabled fields (like state) from being cleared during form submission
  • Updated form post type labels and added missing labels
  • Removed the previously deprecated class LLMS_Frontend_Forms and it’s deprecated class methods reset_password() and voucher_check().
  • Removed the previously deprecated class LLMS_Frontend_Password and it’s deprecated class methods: retrieve_password(), check_password(), and reset_password().
  • Updated country and state localization lists.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.0.0-beta.6

  • (Re-)introduces user information shortcode through a block editor rich text area format button.
  • Prevent usage the “User Login” block on account edit forms (usersnames cannot be edited in WordPress).
  • Only prevent form posts from being made “draft” status on the “core” forms.
  • Modifies field localization data strategy for field validation and others.

LifterLMS Version 4.21.3

  • Increase 3rd party support for WP core hook lostpassword_post hook.
Bug fixes
  • Props to Hemant Patidar for discovering an issue preventing rate limiting in various security plugins from working on the LifterLMS password recovery form.
  • Fixed an issue encountered when updating LifterLMS premium add-ons via the LifterLMS Helper encountered when API errors are occur.
  • Updated the failure error code from ‘activation’ to ‘deactivation’ in the LLMS_Add_On class.
  • Updated the API connection error message returned when using the LLMS_Abstract_API_Handler class.
  • Class LLMS_Frontend_Password is deprecated, see deprecated methods and their replacments below:

  • LLMS_Frontend_Password::retrieve_password() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Controller_Account::lost_password().

  • LLMS_Frontend_Password::check_password_reset_key() is deprecated in favor of check_password_reset_key().

  • LLMS_Frontend_Password::reset_password() is deprecated in favor of reset_password().

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.4.0

  • Adds support for LifterLMS 5.0.0
  • Only show and process the “Display Name” field for LifterLMS 4.x and earlier.
Bug fixes
  • Fix typo: wpsafeedirect => wpsaferedirect.
  • Class method LLMS_SL_Student_Dashboard::insert_data() is deprecated with no replacement. This functionality is included in the LifterLMS 5.0.0-beta.1 and later.

LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-beta.1

  • LifterLMS Blocks 2.0.0-beta.5
  • Added site-wide field name validation
  • Reworked the output of user information fields on the admin panel to share a handler and APIs with frontend fields.
  • Deprecated filter: lifterlms_get_user_custom_fields in favor of llms_admin_profile_fields
  • Improved previewing of form posts using WP Core block editor UI elements
  • Open Registration form can now always be previewed regardless of the open registration site setting

LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.0.0-beta.5

  • Add WP core 5.8 compatibility for deprecated filter block_categories.
  • Fixed issue encountered on courses and memberships when attempting to edit instructor information.
  • Added validation to ensure all fields have unique HTML name attributes.
  • Simplified field data storage interface to enable saving only to the usermeta table.