Release Notes

LifterLMS Version 4.3.0

Security Fix
  • Fixed an XSS issue on account edit and registration forms. Thanks to Morningstar for reporting this issue!
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an error encountered during customizer live theme preview encountered when Twenty-twenty is the current theme.
  • The $type property of the LLMS_Abstract_Database_Store is now set to a default placeholder value (_db_record_) in favor of an empty string.
  • Set the $type property of the LLMS_Event class to event.
  • Set the $type property of the LLMS_Quiz_Attempt class to quiz_attempt.
  • Set the $type property of the LLMS_User_Post_Meta class to user_postmeta.
  • Added a filter llms_form_field_args to allow extending form fields prior to HTML rendering.

The following filter hooks have been deprecated. These hooks were being called as the result of a bug (noted above) and should no longer be used. They will be removed in the next major version of LifterLMS.

  • llms__created has been deprecated, use llms_{$type}_created where {$type} is the database record type defined by the class property.
  • llms__deleted has been deprecated, use llms_{$type}_deleted where {$type} is the database record type defined by the class property.
  • llms__updated has been deprecated, use llms_{$type}_updated where {$type} is the database record type defined by the class property.

LifterLMS Version 4.2.0

  • Admins can now preview the checkout screen as visitors or students using the “View As” function from the WP Admin bar
  • Javascript cookies now set cookies with sameSite set to strict as recommended by Firefox/Mozilla.
  • Added filters to allow 3rd parties to use LifterLMS completion tracking APIs to “complete” external or non-LMS content.
  • Added “deep” orphan checks when checking the relationship between a quiz and a lesson.
  • Normalized the return structure in LLMS_Post_Instructors::get_instructors() when no instructor set, thanks @nicolas-jaussaud!
  • Update LifterLMS rocket icon used in the WP Admin Bar in the “View As” area.
Bug fixes
  • When deleting a quiz attempt the related lesson will now be automatically marked as “Incomplete” when appropriate.
  • LLMS_Abstact_User_Data::get_id() now always returns an integer.
  • Fixed a 404 error resulting from settings tooltips referencing a missing icon asset.
  • Added logic to set the order status to ‘cancelled’ when an enrollment linked to an order is deleted.

LifterLMS Groups Version 1.0.0-beta.6

  • Raises the minimum required LifterLMS Core version to 3.41.0.
  • Adds group member management functionality, allowing members with the required permissions to promote, demote, and remove members.
  • Adds the ability for group primary administrators to transfer group ownership to another administrator.
  • Adds the ability for group members to leave a group.

LifterLMS Version 4.1.0

LifterLMS REST 1.0.0-beta.14
  • Breaking: LLMS_REST_Controller::prepare_links() now requires a second parameter, the WP_REST_Request for the current request. Any classes extending and overwriting this method must adjust their method signature to accommodate this change.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue causing response objects to unintentionally include keys of remapped fields. This error occurs only when extending core controllers and attempting to exclude core fields.

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.14

Breaking Change
  • LLMS_REST_Controller::prepare_links() now requires a second parameter, the WP_REST_Request for the current request. Any classes extending and overwriting this method must adjust their method signature to accommodate this change.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue causing response objects to unintentionally include keys of remapped fields. This error occurs only when extending core controllers and attempting to exclude core fields.

LifterLMS Version 4.0.0

This is a major release. Many backwards incompatible changes have been made that may affect your site if you have custom code which rely on previously deprecated functions or methods. If you’re not sure about your custom code, test the upgrade in a staging site.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue encountered during quiz grading.
  • Add RTL language support for popover interfaces found throughout the course builder.
  • Fixed issue encountered in MySQL 8.0 when using the bbPress integration.
LifterLMS REST API 1.0.0-beta.13
  • Bugfix: Fixed error response messages on the instructors endpoint.
  • Bugfix: Fixed student progress deletion endpoint issues preventing progress from being fully removed.
Action Scheduler Library

Switches from prospress/action-scheduler to woocommerce/action-scheduler. The repository has been moved but it’s the same library & upgrades to latest version (3.1.6).

While this is a semantically major upgrade of the library there are no backwards incompatible changes to the public API.

There have been several deprecated functions/classes. The LifterLMS core does not directly use any of these deprecated functions but 3rd parties might and should review the changelog of the library to see if they are affected by any deprecations:

  • Function LLMS() is deprecated in favor of llms().
Templates Modified
  • templates/global/form-login.php
  • templates/global/form-registration.php
Miscellaneous Breaking Changes

WP Session Manager Library

Removes the bundled WP Session Manager plugin dependency, all public methods included with this plugin have been removed without direct replacements.

Removed JS dependencies

Removes bundled JS bootstrap 3 dependencies: “collapse” and “transition”

Removed CSS Classes

Removes classnames from student dashboard login and registration form wrapper elements which conflict with bootstrap causing visual issues.

These classes are not used by the LifterLMS core or add-ons and are a legacy class that hasn’t been removed for fear of creating backwards compatibility issues with any custom css, 3rd party themes, etc…

  • templates/global/form-login.php: Removes col-1 class from the div.llms-person-login-form-wrapper element.
  • templates/global/form-registration.php: : Removes col-2 class from the div.llms-new-person-form-wrapper element.

Removed SVG assets and functionality

  • LifterLMS no longer utilizes SVGs powered by the LLMS_Svg class. The class has been deprecated and removed (see below).
  • The assets/svg directory (and all SVG assets contained within) has been removed.
  • The constant LLMS_SVG_DIR has been removed.
Previously deprecated classes (and files) that have been removed
  • LLMS_Admin_Analytics: includes/admin/
  • LLMS_Analytics: includes/
  • LLMS_Analytics_Courses: includes/admin/analytics/
  • LLMS_Analytics_Memberships: includes/admin/analytics/
  • LLMS_Analytics_Page: includes/admin/analytics/
  • LLMS_Analytics_Sales: includes/admin/analytics/
  • LLMS_Course_Basic: includes/class.llms.course.basic.php
  • LLMS_Course_Handler: includes/class.llms.course.handler.php
  • LLMS_Course_Factory: includes/class.llms.course.factory.php
  • LLMS_Lesson_Basic: includes/class.llms.lesson.basic.php
  • LLMS_Meta_Box_Expiration: includes/admin/post-types/meta-boxes/
  • LLMS_Meta_Box_Video: includes/admin/post-types/meta-boxes/
  • LLMS_Number: includes/class.llms.number.php
  • LLMS_Person: includes/class.llms.person.php
  • LLMS_Quiz_Legacy: includes/class.llms.quiz.legacy.php
  • LLMS_Svg: includes/class.llms.svg.php
  • LLMS_Table_Questions: includes/admin/reporting/tables/llms.table.questions.php
  • LLMS\Users\User: includes/Users/User.php
Previously deprecated class properties that have been removed
  • LifterLMS->person (generally accessed via LLMS()->person).
  • LLMS_Analytics_Widget->date_end
  • LLMS_Analytics_Widget->date_start
  • LLMS_Analytics_Widget->output
  • LLMS_Certificate->enabled
  • LLMS_Course_Data->$course
  • LLMS_Course_Data->$course_id
Previously deprecated class methods that have been removed:
  • LLMS_Admin_Table::queue_export()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_achievements()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_all_posts()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_associated_lessons()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_certificates()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_courses()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_course_tracks()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_emails()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_enrolled_students()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_enrolled_students_ids()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_lesson()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_lessons()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_lessons_alt()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_memberships()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_question()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_sections()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_sections_alt()
  • LLMS_AJAX::get_students()
  • LLMS_AJAX::update_syllabus()
  • LLMS_Course::get_children_sections()
  • LLMS_Course::get_children_lessons()
  • LLMS_Course::get_author()
  • LLMS_Course::get_author_id()
  • LLMS_Course::get_author_name()
  • LLMS_Course::get_sku()
  • LLMS_Course::get_id()
  • LLMS_Course::get_title()
  • LLMS_Course::get_permalink()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_postmeta_data()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_postmetas_by_key()
  • LLMS_Course::get_checkout_url()
  • LLMS_Course::get_start_date()
  • LLMS_Course::get_end_date()
  • LLMS_Course::get_next_uncompleted_lesson()
  • LLMS_Course::get_lesson_ids()
  • LLMS_Course::get_syllabus_sections()
  • LLMS_Course::get_short_description()
  • LLMS_Course::get_syllabus()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_enroll_date()
  • LLMS_Course::get_user_post_data()
  • LLMS_Course::check_enrollment()
  • LLMS_Course::is_user_enrolled()
  • LLMS_Course::get_student_progress()
  • LLMS_Course::get_membership_link()
  • LLMS_Lesson::get_assigned_quiz()
  • LLMS_Lesson::get_drip_days()
  • LLMS_Lesson::mark_complete()
  • LLMS_PlayNice::divi_fb_wc_product_tabs_after()
  • LLMS_PlayNice::divi_fb_wc_product_tabs_before()
  • LLMS_PlayNice::wc_is_account_page()
  • LLMS_Post_Instructors::get_defaults()
  • LLMS_Query::set_dashboard_pagination()
  • LLMS_Query::add_query_vars()
  • LLMS_Question::get_correct_option()
  • LLMS_Question::get_correct_option_key()
  • LLMS_Question::get_options()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_assoc_lesson()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_passing_percent()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_remaining_attempts_by_user()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_time_limit()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_total_allowed_attempts()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_total_attempts_by_user()
  • LLMS_Quiz_Attempt::get_status()
  • LLMS_Shortcode_My_Account::lost_password()
  • LLMS_Section::count_children_lessons()
  • LLMS_Section::delete()
  • LLMS_Section::get_children_lessons()
  • LLMS_Section::remove_all_child_lessons()
  • LLMS_Section::remove_child_lesson()
  • LLMS_Section::set_order()
  • LLMS_Section::set_title()
  • LLMS_Section::update()
  • LLMS_Session::init()
  • LLMS_Session::maybe_start_session()
  • LLMS_Session::set_expiration_variant_time()
  • LLMS_Session::set_expiration_time()
  • LLMS_Session::use_php_sessions()
  • LLMS_Student::delete_quiz_attempt()
  • LLMS_Student::get_best_quiz_attempt()
  • LLMS_Student::get_quiz_data()
  • LLMS_Student::has_access()
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_courses_content()
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_dashboard_content()
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_notifications_content()
  • LLMS_Widget_Course_Progress::widget_contents()
Previously deprecated functions that have been removed
  • is_filtered()
  • lifterlms_template_loop_view_link()
  • llms_add_user_table_columns()
  • llms_add_user_table_rows()
  • llms_create_new_person()
  • llms_get_question()
  • llms_get_quiz()
  • llms_set_user_password_rest_key()
  • llms_setup_product_data()
  • llms_setup_question_data()
  • llms_verify_password_reset_key()
Previously deprecated hooks that have been removed
  • Action: lifterlms_before_memberships_loop_item_title
  • Action: lifterlms_after_memberships_loop_item_title
  • Action: lifterlms_after_memberships_loop_item_title
  • Filter: lifterlms_completed_transaction_message
  • Filter: lifterlms_is_filtered
  • Filter: lifterlms_get_analytics_pages
  • Filter: lifterlms_analytics_tabs_array
Previously deprecated shortcodes that have been removed
  • [courses]
  • [lifterlms_user_statistics]
Previously deprecated templates that have been removed
  • templates/loop/view-link.php
Previously deprecated global variables that have been removed
  • $product
  • $question