LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.0.13

  • Tested to LifterLMS 3.37.9 and WooCommerce 3.9.2.
  • Add action hooks to handle the cases when a product/variation is deleted linked to an access plan are deleted and handle the cases when an access plan is not linked to any product/variation.
  • Added logic to delete enrollments on order permanent deletion, and unenroll/enroll students on order or subscription trashing/untrashing.
  • Fixed an issue that made users to be unenrolled from a course when a subscription, that was part of the same wc order of the course, was ‘cancelled’.
  • Made sure that user enrollment/unenrollment related to a subscription happened only on the subscription status changes and not on their parent order status changes.
  • Use gmdate() in favor of date() for timestamps recorded to logs.

LifterLMS Version 3.37.9

  • Updated CSS classes used in privacy policy text suggestions per changes in WordPress core 5.3. Thanks @garretthyder!
  • Added privacy exported group descriptions. Thanks @garretthyder!
  • Added filters llms_user_enrollment_allowed_post_types & llms_user_enrollment_status_allowed_post_types which allow 3rd parties to enroll users into additional post types via core enrollment methods.
  • Added option for admin settings fields to show an asterisk for required fields.
  • Added option for integration plugins can now add automatically generated “Settings” link to the plugins screen.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an IE compatibility issue related to usage of Object.assign().

LifterLMS Labs Version 1.5.3

  • Tested to WordPress core 5.3.2
  • Beaver Builder: Fix module visibility issue when hiding modules based on enrollment in specific courses or memberships.
  • Action Manager: Remove non-functioning featured image hook. Featured images are output by themes not by LifterLMS.

LifterLMS Version 3.37.8

  • Fix: Student quiz attempts are now automatically deleted when a quiz is deleted.
  • Fix: “Orphaned” quizzes (those with no parent course and/or lesson) can be deleted from the Quiz reporting table.
  • Fix: Quiz IDs on the quiz reporting screen now link to the quiz within the course builder. If the quiz is an “orphan” there will be no link.

LifterLMS PayPal Version 1.2.0

  • Added secure key compatibility to allow credential definition via constants.
  • Added filter llms_paypal_disable_reference_transactions to allow explicit disabling of ref. transactions.
  • Fixed issue causing recurring transactions to show an empty description field in PayPal-generated email receipts.
  • Use the recurring description for manual recurring payments instead of the one-time payment language.
  • Fixed a number of instances of the incorrect text domain being used for translation functions.