LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-alpha.5

  • Reorganized new files into subdirectories.
  • Added serverside password minimum length validation.
  • Fix duplicate password strength meter output.
  • Fix the user password field type from text to password
  • Fix the phone number field type from text to tel
  • Fix user state select field
  • Don’t autoload field values from specified datastore when a “value” is explicitly passed to the field.
  • Only load published reusable blocks on the frontend of the website
  • Improved the UX for editing a users account by automatically “hiding” password and email fields and only requiring them to be submitted when users explicit request an update via the field’s “change” toggle button.

LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-alpha.4

  • Default form templates now use reusable blocks.
  • Improved the user experience surrounding fields with a confirmation field (email address and password).
  • Added the ability to define a field’s column width instead of requiring the usage of WP column blocks.
  • Added support for reusable blocks on form posts
  • Upgraded LifterLMS Blocks to 2.0.0-beta.3.

LifterLMS Version 4.21.0

  • Certificate exports will now automatically include (most) externally hosted images and stylesheets.
  • Opt-in forward compatibility changes have been made to the LLMS_Abstract_Options_Data class.
  • Fixed an issue causing one-time payment orders from being included in totals on some reporting screens.
  • Fixed an issue causing student enrollment counts to be incorrect under some circumstances.
  • Fixed issues resulting in unnecessary duplicated instances of course background data processing.
  • Fixed an error encountered when a course is deleted prior to its background data being processed.
  • Fixed an escaping issue causing passwords with a backslash character from being usable following a password reset.

LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-alpha.3

  • Fixed issue preventing users from editing their email address and password on the dashboard account edit screens.
  • Fixed issues with country names with the article “the” in their name, for example “The Netherlands” instead of “Netherlands The”.
  • Upgraded LifterLMS Blocks to version 2.0.0-beta.2.

LifterLMS Version 5.0.0-alpha.2

  • Updates LifterLMS Blocks to version 2.0.0-beta.1
  • Adds functionality to force usage of the Block Editor for editing LifterLMS forms
  • Updates localization functionality and methods to have more accurate information.
  • Added a function for determining if open registration is enabled.
  • Added a WP Admin Bar link below the “Edit Page” link to enable editing the form (if a form exists on the page).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue encountered when custom HTML fields exist on a form (backwards compatibility for pre 5.x fields API).

LifterLMS Version 4.20.0

  • Fixed an issue causing a fatal error when attempting to access reports for deleted students. Thanks Thanks @pondermatic!
  • Fixed an issue encountered on the builder causing the last section to be returned when retrieving the previous section for the first section.

LifterLMS Version 4.19.0

Supported Version Requirement Updates
  • The minimum supported PHP version has been raised to PHP 7.3. Please upgrade to a supported PHP version.
  • The minimum supported WordPress core version has been raised to version 5.3.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing TinyMCE editor instances to be unusable within metaboxes when using the block editor.

LifterLMS Version 4.18.0

This is the last release of LifterLMS that will declare support for PHP 7.2. PHP 7.2 reached its official end of life on November 30, 2020. With the next release of LifterLMS the minimum supported PHP version will be raised to 7.3. If you’re currently using PHP 7.2 please contact your host and request an upgrade to a supported PHP version as soon as possible!

  • Tested up to WordPress core version 5.7
  • Updated several occurrences of json_encode() with preferred wp_json_encode().
Bug fixes
  • Added a tie-breaker when there are multiple enrollment statuses with the same date & time. Thanks @pondermatic!
  • On admin order pages and tables don’t print links for deleted students.
  • Fixed an issue on admin order pages when viewing an order for a deleted student.