LifterLMS Version 7.6.0

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New Features
  • Adds course-level lesson drip settings.
  • Loads translation files later for compatibility with plugins like Loco Translate. #2429, #2525
  • Adds settings in the Permalinks page to edit the custom post type and taxonomy slugs. Slugs are saved in the site language on install on update.
  • Adds llms_switch_to_site_locale and llms_restore_locale to help LifterLMS add-ons switch to the site language when getting translation strings.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Improved the Course Builder UI.
  • Updating the Blocks and Helpers libraries to the latest version.
Bug Fixes
  • Allows the style tag when embedding content (iframe), in order to support more services. #2610
  • Removes non-working editing of course title in the Course Builder. #2607
  • Avoid issue with lost content when the course builder is launched immediately after creating a new course. #2606
  • LifterLMS block editor strings now appear in the user’s language. #2525
  • Fixed user’s language setting not honored on backend. #2324
  • Fixes XSS, sanitization, and other security issues reported by Signal Labs.
  • Fixes typo with CHF currency.
Updated Templates