LifterLMS Version 5.3.1

Bug fixes
  • Fixed quote slashing for non-admin roles when editing content in the course builder.
  • The LifterLMS admin icon now uses an encoded SVG to improve admin color scheme compatibility.
  • Fixed an issue with empty admin notices.
Dev updates
  • The creation date of llms_orders is now determined by llms_current_time().

LifterLMS Version 5.3.0

  • Improved logic used to determine when a limited length subscription has completed its payment schedule.
  • Improved accessibility of various icon buttons on the admin orders view/edit screen.
  • Improved display of quiz attempts containing questions which have been deleted from the database.
  • POT files from included library plugins (like LifterLMS REST) are now excluded from LifterLMS distributions.
Development updates
  • Introduced LLMS_Trait_Singleton to replace redundant singleton pattern definitions across classes in the codebase.
  • Moveed the loading of the autoloader to the main lifterlms.php file.
  • Updated the LLMS_Payment_Gateway abstract class to utilize LLMS_Abstract_Options_Data for accessing gateway options.
  • Audio and video embed methods shared by LLMS_Course and LLMS_Membership have been relocated to LLMS_Trait_Audio_Video_Embed.
  • Sales page methods shared by LLMS_Course and LLMS_Membership have been relocated to LLMS_Trait_Sales_Page.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a visual issue encountered on the payment confirmation screen on small screens / mobile devices.
  • Fix untranslatable time period strings (day, week, month, and year) found on the admin orders view/edit screen.
  • Fixed an error encountered when attempting to grade a quiz attempt containing deleted questions.
  • Removed usage and references to the LLMS_Order post meta property date_billing_end. To determine if a subscription has ended, use LLMS_Order::get_remaining_payments() instead.
  • Removed private method LLMS_Order::calculate_billing_end_date().
  • Deprecated the class property $_instance from the following classes, use the public method instance() instead:
  • LLMS_Achievements
  • LLMS_Certificates
  • LLMS_Emails
  • LLMS_Engagements
  • LLMS_Events
  • LLMS_Grades
  • LLMS_Integrations
  • LLMS_Notifications
  • LLMS_Payment_Gateways
  • LLMS_Processors
  • LLMS_Sessions
Templates Updated
  • templates/checkout/form-confirm-payment.php
  • templates/admin/reporting/tabs/quizzes/attempt.php
  • templates/quiz/results-attempt-questions-list.php

LifterLMS Version 5.2.0

Upcoming Payment Reminder Notification
  • A new notification, the “Upcoming Payment Reminder” notification has been added. This notification sends a reminder to students a configurable number of days before a payment is do for a recurring subscription.
  • When upgrading to version 5.2.0, this notification will be automatically disabled, visit LifterLMS -> Settings -> Notifications and select the new notification to enable it after upgrading.
  • Props to @niluzok for doing the initial work required to build this notification!
  • Reworked the database upgrader script to allow for minor upgrades which don’t require significant data migration to upgrade silently without requiring user consent to initiate.
  • Improved internal methods used to generate tables in the body of email notifications.
Bug Fixes
  • Student registration date is now displayed in the site’s timezone in favor of UTC time.
  • Properly pass options template_path and default_path to the template handler when creating an admin notice using a template.
  • Removed translation (and incorrect text domain) from a logging function encountered when a recurring payment errors as a result of the payment gateway having been deactivated.
  • LLMS_Install::db_updates() is deprecated, use `LLMS_DB_Upgrader::enqueue_updates() instead.
  • LLMS_Install::update_notice() is deprecated with no replacement.
  • Template admin/notices/db-update.php is deprecated in favor of includes/admin/views/db-update.php.
  • Template admin/notices/db-updating.php is deprecated with no replacement.

LifterLMS Version 5.1.0

  • Raised the minimum required WordPress core version to 5.8!
  • Adds WordPress core 5.8 compatibility.
  • Improved user information forms required field validation.
  • Added functionality to ensure that user email and password fields are always displayed to logged out users on checkout and registration forms.
  • Added functionality to ensure that user email and password fields are always displayed on the account edit form.
  • LifterLMS Blocks version 2.2.0
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain orphaned quizzes from being deleted.
  • Prevent users from submitting a password change without submitting their current password.
  • Allow logged in users to checkout when no form fields are set to display.

LifterLMS Version 5.0.1

  • Update to LifterLMS Blocks v2.1.0.
  • Added a new filter to allow programmatically alter required field validation results.
  • Fixed an issue causing preventing form layout options from working when passed into shortcodes.
  • Fixed an issue preventing custom radio, select, and dropdown fields from working during checkout.
  • Fixed an accessibility issue encountered during password strength validation.