LifterLMS Version 7.6.2

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New Features
  • Added functionality to disable quiz retake after a passed attempt.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Adds ability to search by an order ID number in the Orders table. Thanks @bsetiawan88! #1583
  • Added support for showing Private, Drafts and Pending Courses/Memberships in Reporting > Sales Page. #2490
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes issue of not being able to save an imported or cloned course using Divi or the Classic Editor plugin. #2649
  • Fixes broken View link after creating a new lesson using the Course Builder. #2662
  • Upgrading Quill text editor version. #2655
Developer Notes
  • Added logic to delete vouchers data from table when vouchers are deleted. Thanks @bsetiawan88! #1087
Updated Templates