LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.27

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Updates and Enhancements
  • Replaced use of deprecated strftime().
  • Replaced use of the deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING constant.
Developer Notes
  • Fixed unit tests on WordPress 6.2.
  • Allow all the resources to be extended using register_rest_field(). #157
  • Added the ability for all the WP_Post and WP_User based resources to manage custom meta registered via register_meta(). #157
  • Added llms_rest_{$object_type}_item_schema that will allow filtering any resource schema. Additional schema fields, added via register_rest_field(), are not included. #157
  • Added llms_rest_allow_filtering_{$object_type}_item_schema_to_add_fields filter hook. It allows adding additional fields using the filter hook llms_rest_{$object_type}_item_schema without warnings. By default additional fields should be added via register_rest_field(). #157
  • Deprecated llms_rest_enrollments_item_schema and llms_rest_membership_item_schema filter hooks in favor of llms_rest_$object_type_item_schema where the object type is, respectively, equal to ‘students-enrollments’ and ‘llms-membership’. #157
Performance Improvements
  • Cache results of getitemschema on controller instances for performance. Additional schema fields, added via register_rest_field(), are not cached. #73

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