Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.1.0

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New Features
  • Replaced Post Title block from full-width template.
  • Styling improvements for Social Learning Advanced Add On.
  • Added stylelint and update WooCommerce element custom properties.
  • Added improved styling for Social Learning add on.
  • Added inline heading custom properties e.g. var(--wp--custom--heading--font-family).
  • Load editor styles for LifterLMS add-ons.
  • Added body element to custom properties function.
  • Updated custom properties in CSS files to use element properties.
  • Added font weight value to typography styles in theme.json.
  • Removes LifterLMS single templates when plugin not active.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Changed footer pattern to instead load site logo due to WP 6.2.2 shortcode issues.
  • Using element custom properties in Social Learning CSS.
  • Improved Logged Out view of Social Learning timeline and input fields.
  • Update tested up to version to 6.2.
Bug Fixes
  • Updating 404 to match empty search results for consistency.
  • Fixed missing social media brand icons in profile sidebar.
  • Added temporary CSS fix to avoid unsightly spaces into the course syllabus and course progress on lesson’s sidebar, due to WordPress 6.2.2 adding empty paragraphs to shortcode content when rendered in a block template.
  • Fixed styling for notifications that were not visible on large screens.
Breaking Changes
  • Removed duplicate i18n directory and Composer build:pot script.
  • Removed Post Title block from full-width template.

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