LifterLMS Version 3.41.0

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Bug Fixes
  • Fix issues encountered when a user role with the edit_users capability has multiple LifterLMS roles (like Student).
LifterLMS 4.0.0 Release Preparation

LifterLMS 4.0.0, our first major release in several years, is nearing the end of it’s beta testing cycle. Many unused legacy functions, classes, and files are being removed in version 4.0.0 and well as many functions, classes, and files that were previously deprecated.

The following is a list of items that have not been previously deprecated but will be removed from LifterLMS 4.0.0.

For full details on the release, information on beta testing, and more, see our blog post on the release.


The WP Session Manager plugin / library that is bundled into the LifterLMS core code base is deprecated from our code base and is being fully removed in favor of an internal session manager.

The bundled Javascript Boostrap 3 modules, “collapse” and “transition” are deprecated from our codebase and are being removed.

The following CSS classes are deprecated and will be removed:

  • templates/global/form-login.php: The col-1 class from the div.llms-person-login-form-wrapper element will be removed.
  • templates/global/form-registration.php: : The col-2 class from the div.llms-new-person-form-wrapper element will be removed.

The following classes are deprecated:

  • LLMS_Number: includes/class.llms.number.php
  • LLMS_Person: includes/class.llms.person.php
  • LLMS_Table_Questions: includes/admin/reporting/tables/llms.table.questions.php

The following class methods are deprecated:

  • LLMS_PlayNice::divi_fb_wc_product_tabs_after()
  • LLMS_PlayNice::divi_fb_wc_product_tabs_before()
  • LLMS_Question::get_correct_option()
  • LLMS_Question::get_correct_option_key()
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_passing_percent(), use LLMS_Quiz::get( 'passing_percent' ) instead.
  • LLMS_Quiz::get_assoc_lesson(), use LLMS_Quiz::get( 'lesson_id' ) instead.
  • LLMS_Session::init()
  • LLMS_Session::maybe_start_session()
  • LLMS_Session::set_expiration_variant_time()
  • LLMS_Session::set_expiration_time()
  • LLMS_Session::use_php_sessions()

The following class properties are deprecated:

  • LifterLMS->person (generally accessed via LLMS()->person).

The following functions are deprecated:

  • lifterlms_template_loop_view_link()
  • llms_add_user_table_columns()
  • llms_add_user_table_rows()
  • llms_get_question()
  • llms_get_quiz()
  • llms_setup_product_data()
  • llms_setup_question_data()

The following global variables are deprecated:

  • $product
  • $question

The following action hooks are deprecated:

  • lifterlms_before_memberships_loop_item_title
  • lifterlms_after_memberships_loop_item_title
  • lifterlms_after_memberships_loop_item_title

The following template file is deprecated:

  • templates/loop/view-link.php

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