LifterLMS Version 3.16.12

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  • Quizzes can now be detached (removed from a lesson) or deleted (deleted from the lesson and the database) via the Course Builder
  • Improved question choice randomization to ensure randomized choices never display in their original order.
  • When a lesson is deleted, any quiz attached to the lesson will become an orphan
  • When a lesson is deleted, any lesson with this lesson as a prerequisite will have it’s prerequisite data removed
  • When a quiz is deleted, all questions attached to the quiz will also be deleted
  • When a quiz is deleted, the lesson associated with the quiz will have those associations removed
  • Fixed grammar issue on restricted lesson tooltips when no custom message is stored on the course.
  • Updated functions causing issues in PHP 5.4 to work on PHP 5.4. This has been done to reduce frustration for users still using PHP 5.4 and lower; This does not mean we advocate using software past the end of its life or that we support PHP 5.4 and lower.

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