LifterLMS Version 3.16.11

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  • Course import/exports and lesson duplication now carry custom meta data from 3rd party plugins and themes
  • Added course completion date column to Course reporting students list
  • Restriction checks made against a quiz will now properly cascade to the quiz’s parent lesson
  • Fixed issue preventing featured images from being exported with courses and lessons
  • Fixed duplicate lesson issue causing quizzes to be double assigned to the old and new lesson
  • Fixed issue allowing blog archive to be viewed by non-members when sitewide membership is enabled
  • Fixed builder issue causing data to be lost during autosaves if data was edited during an autosave
  • Fixed builder issue preventing lessons from moving between sections when clicking the “Prev” and “Next” section buttons
  • Added actions to LLMS_Generator to allow 3rd parties to extend core generator functionality

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