LifterLMS Version 3.16.8

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  • Added theme compatibility API so theme developers can add layout options to the quiz settings on the course builder. For details on adding theme compatibility see:
  • Quiz results “donut” chart had alternate styles for quizzes pending review (Dark grey text rather than red). You can target with the .llms-donut.pending CSS class to customize appearance.
  • Allow filtering when retrieving student answer for a quiz attempt question via llms_quiz_attempt_question_get_answer filter
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issues causing conditionally gradable question types (fill in the blank and scale) from displaying without a status icon or possible points when awaiting admin review / grading.
  • Fix issue preventing conditionally gradable question types (fill in the blank and scale) from being reviewable on the admin panel when the question is configured as requiring manual grading.
  • Fix analytics widget undefined index warning during admin-ajax calls. Thanks @Mte90!
  • Fix issue causing is_search() to be called incorrectly. Thanks @Mte90!
  • Fix issue preventing text / html formatting from saving properly for access plan description fields
  • Fix html character encoding issue on reporting widgets causing currency symbols to display as a character code instead of the symbol glyph.
Templates changed
  • templates/quiz/results-attempt-questions-list.php
  • templates/quiz/results-attempt.php

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