LifterLMS Version 3.16.0

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  • New question types: True/False, Picture Choice, and Non-question content
  • Picture & Multiple choice have options for multiple correct answers (checkbox-like questions)
  • You can now create questions with NO POINTS (maybe for surveys?)
  • Upgraded student quiz review interface
  • Upgraded instructor quiz attempt review interface
  • Admins may now leave remarks on questions directly
  • Improved data available related to quizzes and quiz attempts on reporting screens
  • Improved quiz user interface
  • Added a progress bar to the quiz interface
  • Shrunk the quiz timer
  • Added a question # counter on the quiz interface
  • Fixed issue causing randomized questions to get “lost” when navigating back through a quiz attempt
  • Improved error handling on quizzes
  • Overhauled quiz data structure for improved performance and scalability
  • Requires database migration and update: 3.16.0
Course Builder Improvements
  • Quiz-building is now available on the course builder
  • Quiz and Question WordPress editors no longer available. Quizzes and Questions HAVE NOT DISAPPEARED, they’ve been improved and relocated
  • All hooks & filters attached to the_content and the_title are now being removed when loading the course builder. This should prevent infinite spinners on builder loading and builder AJAX calls due to third-parties accidentally outputting html during these events.
  • Added space between arrows and “Next” and “Previous” text on pagination lists. Thanks sujaypawar!
  • Updated Quiz post type slug from “llms_quiz” to “quiz”.
  • Updated default return of llms_get_post() to be false rather than a WP_Post object when a LifterLMS post cannot be located
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a potential database read error related to database store abstract
  • Now passing Post ID as second parameter to the the_title filter called on post model getters
Removed templates

The following quiz templates have been removed. Customization of these templates causes quiz application functionality to break and they should not have been available for customization but were due to oversights. This has been corrected.

  • templates/content-single-question-after.php
  • templates/content-single-question-before.php
  • templates/quiz/next-question.php
  • templates/quiz/previous-question.php
  • templates/quiz/question-count.php
  • templates/quiz/quiz-question.php
  • templates/quiz/single-choice.php
  • templates/quiz/single-choice_ajax.php
  • templates/quiz/summary.php
  • templates/quiz/timer.php
  • templates/quiz/wrapper-end.php
  • templates/quiz/wrapper-start.php
Removed Functions

Various template functions related to quizzes were removed due to the deprecation of their related templates

  • lifterlms_template_quiz_timer()
  • lifterlms_template_single_next_question()
  • lifterlms_template_single_prev_question()
  • lifterlms_template_single_single_choice()
  • lifterlms_template_single_single_choice_ajax()
  • lifterlms_template_single_question_count()

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