LifterLMS Social Learning

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.5.0

The minimum required LifterLMS core version has been raised from version 3.14.0 to version 6.0.0 and the minimum required WordPress core version has been raised from 5.3 to 5.5. Please upgrade LifterLMS and WordPress to the latest versions to continue using this add-on.

Developer Notes
  • Replaced use of the deprecated _llms_achievement_title meta key.
  • Added support for LLMS_Abstract_Integration option default value autoloading.
  • Renamed LLMS_SL_Story_Query::preprare_query() to LLMS_SL_Story_Query::prepare_query().
  • Renamed LLMS_SL_Story_Reply_Query::preprare_query() to LLMS_SL_Story_Reply_Query::prepare_query().
  • Replaced the use of the protected LLMS_SL_Story_Query::$max_pages property with LLMS_SL_Story_Query::get( 'max_pages' ).

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.4.0

  • Adds support for LifterLMS 5.0.0
  • Only show and process the “Display Name” field for LifterLMS 4.x and earlier.
Bug fixes
  • Fix typo: wpsafeedirect => wpsaferedirect.
  • Class method LLMS_SL_Student_Dashboard::insert_data() is deprecated with no replacement. This functionality is included in the LifterLMS 5.0.0-beta.1 and later.

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.3.0

  • Define versions for llms-select2 script and styles to improve cache busting after updates.
  • Use strict type comparisons wherever possible.
  • Use wp_json_encode() in favor of json_encode().
  • Use wp_parse_url() in favor of parse_url().
  • Use wp_safe_redirect() over wp_redirect() when redericting to a same site URL.
  • Use wp_strip_all_tags() in favor of strip_tags().
  • Added new filter llms_sl_story_query_query_where.
  • Added new filter llms_sl_story_reply_query_query_where.
Bug fixes
  • Unslash input $_POST['term'] before using it.
  • Fixed trying to access to undefined variable $story_id, use $data['story_id'] instead.
  • Fixed a bug causing users from being unable to edit or delete stories on their own profile page.
  • Fixed use of incorrect usage of filter llms_sl_story_can_user_edit which should have been llms_sl_story_can_user_delete.
  • The $student argument of llms_sl_get_student_achievement_url() is no longer optional (for php8 compatibility).
  • File includes/models/class-llms-sl-story-reply.php should be used in favor of deprecated file includes/model-llms-sl-story-reply.php.
  • File includes/models/class-llms-sl-story.php should be used in favor of deprecated file includes/model-llms-sl-story.php.

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.2.0

Privacy & GDPR Compliance Tools
  • Added suggested Privacy Policy language outlining information gathered by a default LifterLMS Social Learning site
  • During a WordPress Personal Data Export request the following LifterLMS Social Learning information will be added to the export

  • All profile fields (website url, social profile urls, site handle)

  • All timeline stories
  • All timeline story replies
  • User avatar & profile cover image

  • During a WordPress Personal Data Erasure request the following LifterLMS Social Learning information will be erased

  • All profile fields (website url, social profile urls, site handle)

  • All timeline stories
  • All timeline story replies

  • All of the above relies on features available in WordPress core 4.9.6

  • Added RTL language support
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.6
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue preventing instructor story browsing from functioning with LifterLMS Core 3.17.0 and later

LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.1.0

Avatar and Cover images
  • Students can now upload a custom avatar image via their profile
  • Improved error response handling during cover image (and avatar image) uploads
Dynamic My Profile menu item
  • Add a menu item via Customizer or menu builder which links to the current student’s profile
  • This menu item is automatically removed from navigation menus if there is no logged in user
Student Profile Settings
  • Added helper description text to third-party social network links
  • Added new third-party social network options: Bitbucket, GitHub, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube
Story Moderation
  • Admins & LMS Managers may delete all stories
  • Instructors may delete any stories related to their courses and memberships
  • Students may delete their own stories
  • Students may edit their own shared (text) stories. Any automatically generated stories (such as an enrollment story) cannot be edited.
Story Card Improvements
  • Achievement stories have an improved visual display and have additional information (date and name of the person earning the achievement).
  • Quiz passed stories are more visually consistent with other stories
  • Share stories with video links that are embeddable via WordPress oEmbed functionality will automatically be embed at the top of the story. Only the first video in a story is automatically embedded, others will be made into links.
Timeline Permissions
  • Admins & LMS Managers can view anything they want whenever they want

  • Instructors can see everything in their courses & memeberships & everything in courses & memberships they’re enrolled in

  • Students can see everything in the courses and memberships they’re enrolled in

  • Some story types are marked as “public” and are visible on timelines regardless of enrollments:

  • join – when a user registers and joins the site

  • complete – when a student completes a course

  • enroll – when a student enrolls ins a course or membership

  • These stories can be made private (or private stories can be made public) by modifying the “public” key for each story type. Use the filter llms_sl_story_verbs to do so.

Timeline Browsing Cards
  • The “Browse Stories” card on timelines will now only display a list of courses & memberships the current user is enrolled in
  • An additional card “Browse Stories (Instructor)” is additionally displayed to Admins, LMS Managers, Instructors, and Instructor’s Assistants. This card allows these users to filter timelines by course or memberships they have access to as instructors/admins/managers.
Bug Fixes
  • Slashes are now removed from share and reply content when displayed on timelines
Templates Changed
  • templates/card-story.php
  • templates/directory/card-about.php
  • templates/directory/profile.php
  • templates/directory/profile-header.php