LifterLMS Social Learning Version 1.6.0

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New Features
  • Students can now remove the profile and header images once set.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for not found ajax nonce to restores the instructor select2 search in the sidebar for timeline.
  • Fixed issue with profile URL in llms/navigation-link block.
Developer Notes
  • Changed the nonce field name from llms-sl-upload-nonce to llms-sl-profile-image-nonce and the action name from llms_sl_upload to llms_sl_profile_image.
Security Improvements
  • Correctly escaped the HTML when rendering localized strings in all of the template files.
Updated Templates
  • templates/card-new-share.php
  • templates/card-story.php
  • templates/card-student.php
  • templates/directory/card-about.php
  • templates/directory/card-achievements.php
  • templates/directory/card-courses.php
  • templates/directory/profile-header.php
  • templates/directory/profile-navigation.php
  • templates/directory/profile.php
  • templates/timeline/card-filters-instructor.php