LifterLMS Blocks

LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.0.0-beta.3

  • All form field blocks refactored and many were removed or renamed.
  • Added column support to form field blocks.
  • Added reusable block support to form field blocks.
  • Removed support for block visibility on required field blocks (email and password).
  • Added reusable block filtering to only show “supported” reusable blocks when editing a form.
  • Added utility function support for reusable blocks.
  • Fixed issues related to visual rendering of checkboxes / radio elements on custom fields.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.0.0-beta.1

  • Improved Javascript localization.
  • Updated JS source files to follow (slightly modified) eslint standards as defined by @wordpress/eslint-plugin/recommended.
  • Disabled import of incomplete module ./formats/merge-codes.
  • Improved the information displayed for a restricted block.
  • Don’t render InspectorControls for the Course Syllabus block since it doesn’t have any actual settings to inspect.
  • Improved the Search, SearchPost, and SearchUser components and made backwards incompatible changes to their usage.

LifterLMS Blocks Version 1.8.0

  • Improved script dependencies definitions.
  • Updated asset paths for consistency with other LifterLMS projects.
  • Updated various WP Core references that have been deprecated (maintains backwards compatibility).
  • The Lesson Progression block is no longer rendered server-side in the block editor (minor performance improvement).
Changes to the Classic Editor Block
  • The classic editor block will no longer show block visibility settings because it is impossible to use those settings to filter the block on the frontend.
  • In order to apply visibility settings to the classic editor block, place the Classic Editor within a “Group” block and apply visibility settings to the Group.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue encountered when using the WP Core “Table” block.
  • Fixed a few areas where class was being used instead of className to define CSS classes on elements in the block editor.
  • Fixed a user-experience issues encountered on the Course Information block when all possible information is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing visibility attributes to render on blocks that don’t support them.
  • Fixed an issue preventing 3rd party blocks from modifying default block visibility settings.
  • Fixed a spelling error visible inside the block editor.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Course Progress” block to be shown to non-enrolled students and visitors.
  • Removed redundant CSS from frontend.
  • Stop outputting editor CSS on the frontend.
  • Dynamic blocks with no content to render will now only output their empty render messages inside the block editor, not on the frontend.