Sky Pilot Theme Version 1.3.0

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New Features
  • Added checks to prevent direct file access to all include files.
  • Added sky_pilot_format_custom_property helper function and moved style related functions to new styles.php file.
Updates and Enhancements
  • Moved utility functions to new inc/utility.php file.
  • Allow “Learn More” text to be translated.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Font Awesome CSS path.
  • Fixed issue with font family custom properties not being formatted correctly.
  • Fix CSS for LifterLMS Assignments.
  • Removed default featured image block filter for LifterLMS Quizzes and Assignments.
  • Fixed small issue with LLMS primary button height in editor.
  • Added missing page title to the single membership template.
  • Fix CSS for LifterLMS Groups single user report table and achievement image.
  • Fix CSS for lesson excerpts showing checkbox icons.
  • Fixed payment method form display in student dashboard.
  • Added Boxed block style for Post Author block.
  • Remove featured image block placeholder image on single attachment page.
  • Added missing styling for on sale plans and strikethrough pricing.
  • Now supporting up to six columns in membership/course loops and access plans.
Updated Templates
  • templates/single-llms_membership.html
  • templates/single.html