LifterLMS PayPal Version 3.0.0-alpha.3

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  • New minimum LifterLMS core version requirement: 7.0.0-alpha.3.
  • Changed the invoice_prefix CP gateway option to site_prefix.
  • Improved PayPal plan creation requests to automatically create the related product as needed.
  • Added product (course/membership) bulk sync admin tool.
  • Added an API for syncing recurring orders statuses to the related PayPal subscription.
  • Added a success message when onboarding is completed.
  • Fixed an issue causing PayPal subscription to be inadvertently reactivated during certain scenarios when changing payment methods.
  • Fixed an undefined variable error which could be encountered when using constants/environment variables to define PayPal API credentials.
  • Added an upgrade routine used to inform pre 3.x users about plugin changes.
  • Changed the default alternative payment methods list to be an empty array.
  • Fixed issue causing the legacy gateway to display when adding or removing a coupon during checkout.
  • Fixed an issue causing the PayPal button to get “stuck” when changing gateways after adding or removing a coupon during checkout.
  • Added a webhook notification handler for recording failed subscription payments.
  • Fixed validation feedback issues encountered on iOS browsers.

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