LifterLMS PayPal Version 3.0.0-alpha.2

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  • New minimum LifterLMS core version requirement: 7.0.0-alpha.2.
  • Fixed various translation functions using the incorrect textdomain.
  • When PayPal error responses provide specific error “details” the detailed error is returned and the generic error type is used as a fallback when details don’t exist.
  • Removed the PayPal account email option as it isn’t functionally necessary to record.
  • Improved PayPal Connect onboarding: the connected PayPal account must have a confirmed email address, subscribed to the PPCP “product”, and be eligible to receive payment before the gateway can be used at checkout.
  • Added PayPal button customization settings.
  • Fixed an issue encountered when attempting to perform two or more partial refunds on a single PayPal transaction.
  • Added webhook handling for PayPal subscription change events and refunds for recurring payment transactions originating from the PayPal account dashboard.

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