LifterLMS Version 6.5.0

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Upcoming PHP Version Requirement Change

This will be the last version of LifterLMS to support PHP 7.3. The next version of LifterLMS, expected before the end of May 2022, will raise the minimum supported PHP version to 7.4. PHP 7.3 reached its official end of life on December 6, 2021. If you are still using PHP 7.3 please upgrade to PHP 7.4 or later as soon as possible.

Updates and Enhancements
Bug Fixes
  • Students who have already completed a lesson will now automatically bypass the lesson’s drip restrictions. #1835
  • Properly encode certificate JS localization data. #2140
Developer Notes
  • Added a new filter, llms_lesson_drip_bypass_if_completed, which controls the automatic bypass of drip restrictions for completed lessons. #1835
  • Allow avoiding error return when updating an LLMS_Post_Model post meta with the same value as the one stored in the database. #909

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