LifterLMS Version 6.4.0

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Upcoming PHP Version Requirement Change

LifterLMS will drop support for PHP 7.3 by May, 2022. This will raise the minimum supported PHP version to 7.4. PHP 7.3 reached its official end of life on December 6, 2021. If you are still using PHP 7.3 please upgrade to PHP 7.4 or later as soon as possible.

New Features
  • Any “secure” payment gateway options will be automatically masked when written to debug log files.
Updates and Enhancements
  • When building notification content, only parse merge codes used in the notification. #1465
  • Improved checks related to the number of quiz attempts allowed for each student.
  • Prevent browser page caching on quizzes. #2092
Bug Fixes
  • Allowed classes extended from the manual payment gateway class to display payment instructions.
  • Allowed the LLMS_Shortcode_User_Info class to be filtered by the llms_load_shortcodes and llms_load_shortcode_path hooks.
  • Stop using the deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING constant.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shortcodes to not be replaced in some engagement emails. #2070
  • Improve core forms detection so to exclude duplicates. #2052
  • Added Aosta (AO) to the list of Italian provinces. #2098
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Elementor Pro Theme Builder encountered on course and membership catalogs. #2111
  • Fixed an issue where merge codes in reusable blocks on certificate templates were not replaced when the template was displayed or when the certificate was awarded and published. #2058
  • Fixed an issue with OceanWP and Twenty Twenty themes where the Terms and Conditions checkbox was displayed incorrectly. #1938
Developer Notes
  • Added a new filter, llms_secure_strings allowing developers to register strings that should be automatically masked when written to log files.
  • Added new filter llms_no_cache to control whether or not LifterLMS will send nocache headers. #2092
  • Added new filter llms_template_loader_restricted_priority to control the priority of the template_include hook callback used to load restricted content single templates.

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