LifterLMS Version 6.0.0-alpha.2

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New Features
  • Added certificate global options for the default size of new certificates and certificate templates.
Updates and enhancements
  • The site options lifterlms_certificate_bg_img_width,
    lifterlms_certificate_bg_img_height, and
    lifterlms_certificate_legacy_image_size are now used only for certificates
    and certificate templates created using the classic editor.
  • The settings, found on the Engagements Settings screen, are hidden by default.
  • During the database upgrade from versions earlier than 6.x, an site option, llms_has_legacy_certificates is added when at least one certificate is found. This option will display the settings so they can continue to be used for legacy certificates.
  • After migrating all certificates on a site, the settings will still display. In order to remove them from the screen a developer can either delete the option llms_has_legacy_certificates or return false from the filter llms_has_legacy_certificates.
  • Restore certificate save hooks after executing callback updates to facilitate scenarios where more than one certificate is updated in a single request.
Bug Fixes
  • Only register the Certificate Title block for use on certificate post types.
Updated Templates

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