LifterLMS Blocks Version 2.0.0

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  • Adds LifterLMS User Information form building via the block editor.
  • Initially compatibility for WordPress 5.8 (full site editing). Ensures core functionality but doesn’t add any exciting features.
  • Improve the visual feedback inside the editor for a block with visibility restrictions.
  • Added reusable block support for form fields.
  • Adds a user information ([llms-user]) shortcode inserter to rich text block toolbars.
  • Use rich text allowedFormats in favor of deprecated formattingControls
  • Improved localization of Javascript files.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue encountered when using lesson progression blocks outside of a lesson, thanks @reedhewitt!
  • Fixed fatal errors encountered if LifterLMS core isn’t active when this plugin is activated.
  • Currently selected instructors are excluded from queries for instructor users.
  • Fixed issue encountered on courses and memberships when attempting to edit instructor information.
Backwards Incompatible Changes
  • Major refactor of all field-related blocks.
  • The names of many field blocks have changed.
  • Use getDisallowedBlocks() in favor of removed getBlacklist() in block-visibility/check.
  • Blocks restricted to specific posts have had the post object stored on the block attribute reduced to include only the minimum required properties.
  • The Search, SearchPost, and SearchUser components have had major changes to make them more extendable.
  • Don’t render InspectorControls since the block doesn’t have any actual settings.

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