LifterLMS Version 4.10.1

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PHP 7.2 has reached its official end of life. LifterLMS aims to support only officially supported PHP versions and our goal is to drop support for PHP 7.2 by March of 2021 at which time minimum supported PHP version will be raised to 7.3. If you’re currently using PHP 7.2 please contact your host and request an upgrade to a supported PHP version as soon as possible!

Bug fixes
  • Fixed visual issues encountered on the admin Add-Ons screen.
  • Use hr.wp-header-end in favor of a second (hidden)

    to “catch” admin notices on the Add-Ons screen.

  • Replace incorrect usage of invalid ID llms_shop with courses during catalog template loader checks.
  • Function llms_get_post() will now only allow instantiation of LifterLMS classes.
  • Remove unneeded require autoloaded file includes/

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