LifterLMS Version 4.7.0

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  • Major refractor of the LLMS_Generator class.
  • Course export structure improved to include images and reusable blocks found in post content.
  • When importing courses images will be automatically sideloaded into the media library as new attachment posts
  • When importing courses reusable blocks will be imported
  • Improved the success message displayed following a course import
  • The class LLMS_Admin_Reporting is now always loaded on the admin panel.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the LLMS_Events_Query to support using the no_found_rows query argument.
  • When an order’s billing plan “completes”, a new meta property will be added to the order, plan_ended, which can be used to query orders with completed plans.
  • Made improvements to the admin payment rescheduler tool to have more accurate reporting information.
Bug fixes
  • Replaced an instance of the LifterLMS (old) 1.0 rocket logo with the current rocket logo. Thanks @imknight!
  • Ensure builder switch-number fields are set with the number type attribute. Thanks @imknight!
  • Don’t display a “View Post” link when updating post types that aren’t publicly queryable. Thanks @imknight!
  • Fixed the incorrect output of an achievment’s title in a popover notification when using the {{ACHIEVEMENT_TITLE}} merge code. Thanks @CadenG150!
  • Fixed an error encountered when plugins utilize the WP_Users_List_Table class outside of the users.php screen.
  • LLMS_Admin_Import::localize_stat() is deprecated with no replacement.
  • LLMS_Admin_Users_Table::load_dependencies() is deprecated with no replacement. The included class, LLMS_Admin_Reporting is now always loaded.
  • LLMS_Generator::add_custom_values() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Generator_Courses::add_custom_values.
  • LLMS_Generator::get_author_id_from_raw() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Generator_Courses::get_author_id_from_raw().
  • LLMS_Generator::get_default_post_status() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Generator_Courses::get_default_post_status().
  • LLMS_Generator::get_generated_posts() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Generator::get_generated_content().
  • LLMS_Generator::format_date() is deprecated in favor of LLMS_Generator_Courses::format_date().
  • LLMS_Generator::increment() is deprecated with no replacement.

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