LifterLMS Groups Version 1.0.0-beta.4

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  • The minimum required LifterLMS version has been raised to 3.38.1.
  • Added styles for the student dashboard.
  • Added script l10n for translations.
  • Added RTL CSS support.
  • Added validation for open invitation links without any open seats.
  • Invitations with an email address are deleted after acceptance.
  • Added validation for acceptance of an open invitation link.
  • Output an error message when an open invitation link is used for a group with no open seats.
  • Show affiliated post’s type in the Course/Membership option.
  • Conditionally 404 group profiles based on group settings and user membership.
  • Always register the tab and then de-register it conditionally on account page load for logged in users without any group affiliations.
  • Always register the tab instead of conditionally registering it based on current student.
  • Use santize_title() in favor of strtolower() when creating the endpoint slug.
  • Added filter llms_groups_register_my_groups_student_dashboard_endoint to allow customization of the endpoint settings.
  • Reregister post types and rewrite rules before flushing permalinks when changing language settings.
  • Fix main menu replacement strategy.
  • Flush when the slug or plural post name are to be updated.
  • Don’t inject our template when there’s a 404.

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