LifterLMS Version 3.37.4

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Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing certificate template exports to export the site’s homepage instead of the certificate preview.
  • When exporting a certificate template, use the post_author to determine what user to use for merge code data.
  • Revert Accounts settings tab page id to “account”.
LifterLMS Blocks v1.7.1
  • Feature: Add logic for logged_in and logged_out block visibility options.
  • Update: Added isDisabled property to Search component.
  • Update: Adjusted priority of render_block filter to 20.
  • Update: Added filter, llms_block_supports_visibility to allow modification of the return of the check.
  • Update: Disabled block visibility on registration & account forms to prevent a potentially confusing form creation experience.
  • Update: Added block editor rendering for password type fields.
  • Update: Perform post migrations on current_screen instead of admin_enqueue_scripts.
  • Update: Update various dependencies to use updated gutenberg packages.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a WordPress 5.3 issues with JSON data affecting the ability to save course/membership instructors.
  • Bug fix: Import InspectorControls from wp.blockEditor in favor of deprecated wp.editor
  • Bug fix: Automatically store course/membership instructor with post_author data when the post is created.
  • Bug fix: Pass style rules as camelCase.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue causing “No HTML Returned” to be displayed in place of the Lesson Progression block on free lessons when viewed by a logged-out user.

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