LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.9

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  • Added memberships controller, huge thanks to @pondermatic!

  • Added new filters:

  • llms_rest_lesson_filters_removed_for_response

  • llms_rest_course_item_schema

  • llms_rest_pre_insert_course

  • llms_rest_prepare_course_object_response

  • llms_rest_course_links

  • Improved validation when defining instructors for courses.

  • Improved performance on post collection listing functions.

Bug fixes
  • Ensure that a course instructor is always set for courses.
  • Fixed sales_page_url not returned in edit context.
  • In update_additional_object_fields() method, use WP_Error::$errors in place of WP_Error::has_errors() to support WordPress version prior to 5.1.

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