LifterLMS Version 3.37.0-beta.1

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Form Management Improvments
  • Forms (registration, checkout, account) are now managed via a block editor interface.
  • Customize field labels, description, and placeholders in a simple WYSIWYG interface.
  • Mark fields as required with a toggle.
  • Reorder fields with drag and drop.
  • Customize layout using block editor columns
  • Use LifterLMS block-level visibility to conditionally display fields based on enrollment or logged in status.
Form Localization
  • Added default country and state/region lists (see the “languages” directory).
  • Country and state forms are now searchable dropdowns that adjusted based on the currently selected country.
  • Each country’s locale information (such as what a “post code” is called and whether or not the country has states or post codes) will update automatically based on the selected country.
  • Enqueue select2 on account and checkout pages for searchable dropdowns for country & state.
  • New shortcode [user] which is used to output user information in a merge code interface.
  • Improved form field generation via LLMS_Form_Field class.
  • LifterLMS Settings: renamed “User Information Options” to “User Privacy Options”.
  • Reorganized open registration setting.
  • Use LLMS.wait_for() for dependency waiting.
  • Moved checkout template variable declarations to the checkout shortcode controller.
  • Removed field display settings in favor of form customization using the form editors.
  • Organized function files. Some functions have been moved.
  • Function llms_get_minimum_password_strength_name() now accepts a parameter to retrieve strength name by key.
  • Use LLMS.wait_for() for dependency waiting.
LifterLMS Blocks v1.6.0
  • Feature: Added form field blocks for use on the Forms manager.
  • Feature: Add logic for logged_in and logged_out block visibility options.
  • Update: Added isDisabled property to Search component.
  • Update: Adjusted priority of render_block filter to 20.
  • Bug fix: Import InspectorControls from wp.blockEditor in favor of deprecated wp.editor
  • Bug fix: Automatically store course/membership instructor with post_author data when the post is created.
  • Bug fix: Pass style rules as camelCase.
Removed unused Javascript assets
  • Remove unused bootstrap transiton and collapse scripts.
  • Remove topModal vendor dependency.
  • Remove password strength inline enqueues.
Bug fixes
  • Only attempt to add a nonce to the datastore when a nonce exists in the settings object.
  • Deprecated LLMS_Person_Handler::register() method, use llms_register_user() instead.
  • Deprecated llms_get_minimum_password_strength() with no replacement.
Template Updates
  • templates/checkout/form-checkout.php
  • templates/checkout/form-gateways.php
  • templates/global/form-registration.php

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