LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.7

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  • Added the following properties to the lesson schema and response object: drip_date, drip_days, drip_method, public, quiz.
  • Added the following links to lesson objects: prerequisite and quiz.
  • Use WP_Error::$errors in place of WP_Error::has_errors() to support WordPress version prior to 5.1.
  • Added llms_rest_lesson_item_schema, llms_rest_pre_insert_lesson, llms_rest_prepare_lesson_object_response, llms_rest_lesson_links filter hooks.
  • Course properties access_opens_date, access_closes_date, enrollment_opens_date, enrollment_closes_date are now nullable.
  • Course properties prerequisite and prerequisite_track can be be cleared (set to 0 to signify no prerequisite exists).
  • Added prerequisite validation for courses, if prerequisite is not a valid course the course prerequisite will be set to 0 and if prerequisite_track is not a valid course track, the course prerequisite_track will be set to 0.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lesson siblings link that was using the parent course’s id instead of the parent section’s id.
  • Fixed lesson parent link href, replacing ‘section’ with ‘sections’.
  • Fixed lesson progression callback name when defining the filters to be removed while preparing the item for response.
  • Fixed description of the post_id path parameter for student enrollments resources. Thanks @pondermatic.
  • Fixed section parent course object retrieval method when building the resource links.

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