LifterLMS Version 3.36.0

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User Interaction event and session Tracking
  • Added user interaction tracking for the following events:

  • User sign in and out.

  • Page load and exit (for LMS content)

  • Page focus and blur (for LMS content)

  • And more to come

  • Interaction events are grouped into sessions automatically. A session is “closed” after 30 minutes of inactivity or a log-out event.

  • Added “Last Seen” student reporting column which reports the last recorded activity for the student.

  • Automatically hydrate when calling LLMSAbstractDatabaseStore::toarray().
  • Added CSS to make course and lesson video embeds automatically responsive.
Bug Fixes
  • Correctly pass the $remember variable when using llms_set_person_auth_cookie().
  • Fixed undefined index error when retrieving an unset value from an unsaved database model.
  • Fix issue causing quotes to be encoded in shortcodes used in course and membership restriction message settings fields.
  • Fix issue preventing manual updates of order dates (next payment, trial expiration, and access expiration) from being saved properly.

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