LifterLMS Version 3.35.0

Security Notice
  • Fixed a security vulnerability disclosed by the WordPress plugin review team. Please upgrade immediately!
  • Explicitly setting css and js file versions for various static assets..
  • Added data sanitization methods in various form handlers.
  • Added nonce verification to various form handlers.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some translation strings that had literal variables instead of placeholders.
  • Fixed undefined index error encountered when attempting to email a voucher export.
  • Fixed undefined index error when PHP file upload errors are encountered during a course import.

The following unused classes have been marked as deprecated and will be removed from LifterLMS in the next major release.

  • LLMSAnalyticsMemberships
  • LLMSAnalyticsCourses
  • LLMSAnalyticsSales
  • LLMSMetaBox_Expiration
  • LLMSMetaBox_Video
Template Updates

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