LifterLMS Stripe Version 5.0.0-beta.1

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  • Updated to support PSD2 (SCA). For more details on what this means see Stripe’s article at
  • LifterLMS version 3.29.0 or later is now required.
  • Updated Stripe API Version to 2019-08-14.
  • Added a purchase-aware dynamic statement descriptor for each charge.
  • Added automatic installation of Stripe Webhooks from admin settings screen.
  • Added webhook receipt endpoints for receiving updates from Stripe when asynchronous payments fail and charges are refunded.
  • Added minimum transaction checks for the following currencies: BRL, INR, MYR, & NZD.
  • Added UGX as a supported zero-decimal currency.
  • Database installation script no longer installs tables from version 2.x and 3.x.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed typo in filter llms_stripe_get_card_desrcription, use llms_stripe_get_card_description.
  • Removed class constant LLMS_Stripe_API::API_VERSION, use LLMS_STRIPE_API_VERSION instead.
  • Removed method LLMS_Payment_Gateway_Stripe::get_stripe_amount() use llms_stripe_get_amount() instead.
  • Removed method LLMS_Payment_Gateway_Stripe::get_transaction_minimum() use llms_stripe_get_transaction_minimum() instead.
  • Removed method LLMS_Payment_Gateway_Stripe::get_card_desrcription() use llms_stripe_get_card_description() instead.
  • Removed method LLMS_Payment_Gateway_Stripe::charge()
  • Removed class LLMS_Stripe_Crons
  • Renamed file includes/class-llms-gateway-stripe.php to includes/class-llms-payment-gateway-stripe.php

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