LifterLMS Version 3.29.0-beta.1

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  • Updated the Access Plan metabox on courses and lessons with improved data validation.
  • Added a set of methods for creating access plans programmatically.
  • When using the block editor, the “Pricing Table” block will automatically update when access plan changes are saved to the database (from LifterLMS Blocks 1.3.5).
  • Removed code related to an incompatibility between Yoast SEO Premium and LifterLMS resulting from former access plan save methods.
  • Added the ability for instructors and admins to mark lessons complete and incomplete for students via the student course reporting table.
  • Reduced application logic in the course/complete-lesson-link.php template file by refactoring button display filters into functions.
  • Replaced LifterLMS logos and icons on the admin panel with our new logo assets.
  • Updated checkout javascript to expose an error addition functions
  • Removed display order field from payment gateway settings in favor of using the gateway table sortable list
  • Abstracted the checkout form submission functionality into a callable function not directly tied to $_POST data
  • Added function for checking if request is a REST request
  • Fix checkout nonce to have a unique ID & name
Bug Fixes
  • Access plans are now created and updated via AJAX requests, resolves a 5.0 editor issue causing duplicated access plans to be created.
  • Fix an issue causing GET requests with no query string variables from causing issues via incorrect JSON encoding via the API Handler abstract.
  • Fix an issue causing access plan sale end dates from using the default WordPress date format settings.
  • LLMS_Lesson::has_quiz() will now properly return a boolean instead of the ID of the associated quiz (or 0 when none found)
Template Updates
Templates Removed

Admin panel templates replaced with view files which cannot be overridden from a theme or custom plugin.

  • admin/post-types/product-access-plan.php
  • admin/post-types/product.php

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