LifterLMS Version 3.27.0

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  • Added the ability to add existing questions to a quiz in the course builder. This allows cloning of existing questions as well as attaching “orphaned” questions currently attached to no quizzes.
  • Added the ability to detach questions from quizzes. Coupled with adding existing questions, questions can now be easily moved between quizzes.
  • Added permalink capabilities to the builder to allow linking to specific items within the builder (a lesson, quiz, etc…).
  • Quizzes with 0 possible points will no longer show a Pass/Fail chart with a 0% (failing) grade on quiz results screens.
  • Replaced option lifterlms_lock_down which cannot be set via any setting with a filter to reduce database calls. This will have no effect on anyone unless you manually set this option to “no” via a database query. Having done this would allow the admin bar to be shown to students.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue causing the default “Redeem Voucher” and “My Orders” student dashboard endpoint slugs from not having the correct default values. Thanks @tnorthcutt!
  • Fixed an issue causing quotation marks in quiz question answers to show escaping slashes on results screens.
  • Fixed a bug preventing viewing quiz results for quizzes with questions that have been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug causing a PHP Notice to be output when registering a new user with a valid voucher.
Templates Changed

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