LifterLMS WooCommerce Version 2.0.0

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Access Plans Instead of Related Products
  • Instead of relating courses & membership to products you can now relate Access Plans to Products (and product variations!)
  • Course & Membership pricing tables will now look like native LifterLMS pricing tables except information will be pulled from the product
  • It is now possible to create one-time payment products which EXPIRE by utilizing access plan expiration functionality!
  • You can use FREE access plans which will move students through the native “Free Enrollment” checkout process provided by the LifterLMS Core instead of having to create a $0.00 product. It is additionally possible to link an access plan to a $0.00 product if you prefer that user experience.
  • All the above is additionally possible with subscription products (and subscription variations) when using WooCommerce Subscriptions
Members Only Product Restrictions
  • Members Only product functionality has been reworked and extended to product variations
  • Each product (subscription) variation can have it’s own membership restriction. Simple products retain preexisting functionality.
  • Added the ability to customize the language for the “Members Only” button displayed when the visitor/user doesn’t meet the product restriction requirements. Each product/variation can be customized to be unique or use the sitewide default “Members Only”
Updates and enhancements
  • Added course & membership relationship data to the frontend when reviewing orders on the account screen, on the checkout confirmation page, and in order emails.
  • LifterLMS student registration actions are now triggered automatically during WooCommerce checkout registration ensuring that student welcome notification emails are sent automatically and registration engagement actions are triggered.
  • WooCommerce customer billing information is automatically synced to LifterLMS student fields to ensure LifterLMS merge codes work and the information is available on LifterLMS reporting screens.
  • Added course & membership association metadata lists to help users navigate from a product to it’s related course(s) and/or membership(s)
  • Added plugin integration description to the integration settings screen
  • Added plugin dependency helper message to display when WooCommerce itself is not available
  • Added helper messages to show information related to WooCommerce Subscriptions features when the extension isn’t available
  • Added a documentation link on the settings screen to help new users learn how to create orders for courses and membership automatically complete
  • Added an information message when viewing LifterLMS Checkout & Gateway settings on the admin panel to help orient users to the related WooCommerce settings panels which should be used when using this integration.
  • Slightly improved course & membership page load performance by removing stylesheets used to build WooCommerce-powered pricing tables
  • Moved methods related to WC order item meta to their own class for improved code clarity
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue with logging functions.
  • Fixed an issue preventing enrollments from taking place when manually creating orders on the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue with 1.3.6 migration scripts causing empty options to throw a PHP notice.
  • Fixed an issue causing incomplete orders to display enrollment status as “Cancelled”. This status was displaying due to enrollment not yet taking place. The correct status is now “None” when an order has not yet completed to trigger related enrollments.
  • Fixes an issue causing account endpoint defaults to not display when first enabling the integration
Removed Functions & Methods
  • llms_wc_output_pricing_table() has no replacement
  • llms_product_get_wc_product_ids() has no replacement
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->order_status_actions() replaced with LLMS_WC_Order_Actions->add_status_actions()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->do_order_enrollments() replaced with LLMS_WC_Order_Actions->do_order_enrollments()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->do_order_unenrollments() replaced with LLMS_WC_Order_Actions->do_order_unenrollments()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->before_wc_product() replaced with LLMS_WC_Availability_Buttons->before_product()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->save_wc_product_fields() replaced with LLMS_WC_Product_Meta->save()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->add_wc_product_fields() replaced with LLMS_WC_Product_Meta->add_advanced_fields()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_item_meta() replaced with LLMS_WC_Order_Item_Meta->output()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->save_order_enrollments() replaced with LLMS_WC_Order_Item_Meta->save()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_courses() replaced with LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_view_courses()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_memberships() replaced with LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_view_memberships()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_certificates() replaced with LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_view_certificates()
  • LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_vouchers() replaced with LLMS_Integration_WooCommerce->output_endpoint_redeem_vouchers()

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