LifterLMS Version 3.25.0

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WordPress 5.0 Ready!
  • Tested with WordPress core 5.0 (Gutenberg)!
  • Editor Blocks: Course and Lesson layouts are now (preferrably) powered by various editor blocks.
  • When a block is added to a course or lesson, the template hook that automatically outputs that element is removed automatically (preventing duplicates).
  • If you use the LifterLMS Labs: Action Manager you may no longer need it!
  • Course & Membership instructors are now managed through an editor “plugin”. Check out the rocket icon near the “Publish/Update” button.
  • Instructor metabox will load conditionally based on presence of the block editor
  • New courses and lessons will automatically have a preloaded block editor template
  • Courses and lessons will automatically be “migrated” to these templates when edited on the admin panel
  • Various course settings conditionally load based on the presence of the block editor
  • Added filter to the headline size in the course/meta-wrapper-start.php template. Allows customization of headline via the “Course Information” block settings.
  • If you’re not ready for WordPress 5.0 you can still upgrade LifterLMS. This release is fully functional without the block editor.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo in quiz/start-button.php template.
  • Fixed error occurring during activation of LaunchPad via the Add-Ons & More screen.
  • Fixed issue causing quiz reporting screens to be blank for users without view_others_lifterlms_reports capabilities.
Templates Changed

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