LifterLMS Version 3.17.5

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Admin Settings Interface Improvements
  • Improved admin settings page interface to allow for section navigation
  • Updated checkout setting pages to utilize a separate section (page) for each available payment gateway
  • Added a table of payment gateways to see at a glance which gateways are enabled and allows drag and drop reordering of gateway display order
  • Moved dashboard endpoints to a separate section on the accounts settings area
  • Updated CSS on settings page to have more regular spacing between subtitles and settings fields
  • Added a “View” button next to any admin setting post/page selection field to allow quick viewing of the selected post
  • Purchase page setting field is now ajax powered like all other page selection settings
  • Renamed dashboard settings section titles to be more consistent with language in other areas of LifterLMS
  • All dashboard endpoints now automatically sanitized to be URL safe
Updates and Enhancements
  • Dashboard endpoints can now be deregistered by setting the endpoint slug to be blank on account settings
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue causing 404s for various script files when SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled
  • Fix issue with audio & video embeds to prevent fallback to default post attachments
  • Fix issue causing student selection boxes to malfunction due to missing dependencies when loaded over slow connections
Template Updates

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