LifterLMS Version 3.17.0

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Builder Updates
  • Moved action buttons for each lesson (for opening quiz and lesson editor) to be static below the lesson title as opposed to only being visible on hover
  • Added new audio and video status indicator icons for each lesson
  • Various status indicator icons will now have different icons in addition to different colors depending on their state
  • Replaced “pencil” icons that open the WordPress post editor with a small “WP” icon
  • Added several actions and filters to backend functions so that 3rd parties can hook into builder saves
  • Added lesson settings editing to the builder. Lesson settings can now be updated from settings metaboxes on the lesson post edit screen AND on the builder.
  • Added prerequisite validation for lessons to prevent accidental impossible prerequisite creating (eg: Lesson 5 can never be a prerequisite for Lesson 4)
  • Added functions and filters to allow 3rd parties to add custom fields to the builder. For more details see an example.
  • Fixed issue causing changes made in “Text” mode on content editors wouldn’t trigger save events
  • Fixed issue causing lesson prerequisites to not properly display on the course builder
  • Fixed CSS z-index issues related to builder field tooltip displays
  • Removed unused Javascript dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo on filter on quiz question image getter function
  • Performance improvements made to database queries and functions related to student enrollment status and student course progress queries. Thanks to @mte90 for raising issues and testing solutions related to these updates and changes!
  • Added PHP Requires plugin header (5.6 minimum)
  • Added HTTP User Agent data to the system report
  • LifterLMS Assignments Beta is imminent and this release adds functionality to the Builder which will be extended by Assignments upon when availability

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