LifterLMS Version 3.16.10

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  • Content added to the editor of course & membership catalog pages will now be output above the catalog loop
  • Fix issue preventing iframes and some shortcodes from working when added to a Quiz question description
  • Added new columns to the Quizzes reporting table to display Course and Lesson relationships
  • Improved the task handler of background updater to ensure upgrade functions that need to run multiple times can do so
  • Fixed JS Backup confirmation dialog on the background updater.
  • Add support for 32-bit systems in the LLMS_Hasher class
  • Fix issue causing HTML template content to be added to lessons when duplicating an existing lesson within the course builder
3.16.0 migration improvements
  • Accommodates questions imported by 3rd party Excel to LifterLMS Quiz plugin. Fixes an issue where choices would have no correct answer designated after migration.
  • All migration functions now run on a loop. This improves progress reporting of the migration and prevents timeouts on mature databases with lots of quizzes, questions, and/or attempts.
  • Fix an issue that caused duplicate quizzes or questions to be created when the “Taking too long?” link was clicked

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