LifterLMS Version 3.14.0

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  • Updated JS for 3.13 course builder to address issues on PHP 5.6 servers with asp_tags enabled
  • Normalized date returns with various dates related to enrollments, achievements, and certificates. These dates now utilize the WP Core date_format option.
  • Fixed strict comparison issue related to database query abstract (affected checks for last page & first page on admin reporting screens)
  • Added a new capability llms_instructor for admins, lms managers, instructors, and instructor’s assistant to easily differentiate “instructors” from “students”
  • Fix $wpdb->prepare issue related to notification queries. Fixes WP 4.9-beta issue.
Student Dashboard Updates
  • Achievements on student dashboard now viewable in popover modal.
  • Achievements tab added to student dashboard
  • Courses, Memberships, Achievements, and Certificates have been updated to have a unified style
  • Courses & Memberships extend the default catalog tiles
  • Courses shortcode has new parameters useful for displaying a list of a specific users courses only. More info
Deprecated functions
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_courses_content() replaced with lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_my_courses( false )
  • LLMS_Student_Dashboard::output_dashboard_content replaced with lifterlms_template_student_dashboard_home()
Template Updates
Deleted Templates
  • /myaccount/my-achievements.php
  • /myaccount/my-courses.php
  • /myaccount/my-memberships.php

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