LifterLMS Version 3.8.0

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  • Automatic email and basic (on-screen) notifications for various events within LifterLMS
  • All notifications can be customized
  • Email notifications can be optionally sent to custom email address, course authors, and more
  • Students will automatically receive email receipts when making purchases and when recurring access plans rebill
  • Hidden Access Plans
  • Add a “Purchase Link” view button to access plans so admins can quickly grab the direct URL to an access plan
  • Notifications history screen on Student Dashboard to review past notifications that have been received
  • Updated LLMS_Email class and functionality
  • Email templates have been completely rewritten and styled
  • Updated and rewritten password reset flow
  • Earned certificates are only accessible by the student who earned the certificate
  • Added the functionality for image upload via options & settings api
  • Removed a handful of unused templates related to LifterLMS certificates that were replaced a long time ago but still existed in the codebase for unknown reasons.
  • Fixed filter on engagements settings page
  • Minor adjustments to language and settings order on Engagements settings screen for email settings
  • Email Header Image field is now an upload field as opposed to a “paste a url here” setting
  • Phone number recorded to order and displayed on order for admin panel during purchases
  • Order details now display full country name as opposed to the country code
  • Fix installation script to ensure admin can preview by default

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