LifterLMS Version 3.5.0

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  • New course setting Retake Lessons allows students to mark lessons as “incomplete” after completing lessons. Admins may enable this site-wide setting under Settings -> Courses.
  • Course and Membership catalog per page settings will now only accept numbers
  • “Catalogs” settings tab has been split into “Course” and “Membership” settings
  • Settings added via filter lifterlms_catalogs_settings will be added to the “Course” settings tab and deprecated in the next major release
  • Default course and membership catalog courses per page changed to 9. Previous default was 10 which results in a 4th row on catalogs with only one item.
  • Tweaked size of LifterLMS admin tab menu items
  • Pass API Mode Context to links generated by LifterLMS payment gateways
  • Fixed typo on general settings screen
  • Moved LifterLMS Add-on Banners from General Settings to an Add-Ons menu
  • If required fields exist on checkout and are empty during free quick enrollment users will be redirected to the normal checkout page where they can enter required fields
  • Updated action scheduler lib to latest version. Minor changes, fixes compatibility with WooMemberships.
  • Recent activity stats widgets on general settings screen updated to be more reliable and accurate (and performant!)
  • Added 3 new widgets to enrollments reporting tab: courses completed, lessons completed, and user registrations

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