LifterLMS Version 3.4.0

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  • Enrollment for free access plans has improved based on your feedback. For more information see
  • Upgraded Student Management Table for courses and memberships:
  • Allow searching students by name / email
  • Allow filtering of students by current status
  • Allow sorting of students by name, user id, status, and enrollment updated date
  • Added student’s grade to the table (courses only)
  • Table pagination allows skipping to the first and last pages
  • Student names link to full student reporting screen
  • Student IDs added to the table. ID links to the WP User Edit screen which was previously accessible by clicking the student’s name
  • Utilizing improved database queries for displaying data on the table
  • One-click bulk enrollment of all current members of a membership into an auto-enrollment course. More info here
  • Students reporting table pagination can now jump to first and last page
  • Students reporting table pagination now displays current page and total number of pages
  • Added new class LLMS_Student_Query which is modeled, loosely, off of the WP_User_Query and allows for querying student data in relation to courses
  • LLMS_Admin_Table abstract now supports filtering and jump to first and last page pagination options
  • llms_get_enrolled_students now utilizes LLMS_Student_Query and resolves a bug where some users returned by this query would be returned with the incorrect status.
  • Ensure LLMS_Course::has_prerequisite( 'course' ) & LLMS_Course::has_prerequisite( 'track' ) always return booleans
  • Made a small performance tweak for courses without audio / video embeds
  • Fix coupon expiration dates check to be more i18n friendly
  • Update LLMS_Coupon class to utilize 3.3.0 class property enhancements
  • added llms_current_time, a pluggable wrapper for current_time() to enable easier unit testing of date-related functions
  • Shortcodes within course restriction messages are now handled properly to output their intend content rather than the raw shortcode
  • Ensure the Page Attributes area is available on lessons so WordPress 4.7 custom post type page templates can be utilized

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