LifterLMS Version 3.0.0-beta.4

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  • fix issue with course prereq checks
  • next payment due date visible on order admin view
  • trial end date visible on order admin view
Free Access Plans
  • “Free” access plans now defined as such based on a checkbox rather than by entering 0 into the price
  • Only single payment access plans can be free (a free recurring payment makes no sense but we can certainly discuss this if you disagree with me)
  • trials are disabled with free plans (because trials only apply to recurring plans)
  • sales are disabled for free access plans
Checkout Form JS API
  • unified JS checkout handler
  • allows extensions to enqueue validation or pre-submission JS functions that should run prior to checkout form submission
Manual Payment Gateway
  • handles purchase of access plans marked ar FREE & orders that are discounted to 100% via coupons
Open Enrollment
  • Open Enrollment allows users to register on the account dashboard without purchasing a course
  • Voucher settings are available to customize whether vouchers should be optional or required during open registration
  • Better error reporting around voucher usage during enrollment
Deprecated Functions
  • llms_get_coupon()
  • get_section_id()
  • check_course_capacity()
  • Updated admin metaboxes to use new metabox abstract class
  • display 0 instead of negative attempts on quiz summary
  • updated logic in start button template
Emails (for engagements)
  • Admin metabox updated to new API
  • Postmeta data migration:
  • _email_subject renamed to _llms_email_subject
  • _email_heading renamed to _llms_email_heading

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