LaunchPad Version 1.2.0

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Layout Settings

  • Blog posts and blog archive pages now have a separate default layout setting. You can, therefore, use a completely customized layout for your blog than for the rest of your site.
  • Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Memberships, Posts, and Pages all have custom layout settings which can override the default site layout settings.
  • Lessons will automatically inherit their course’s layout settings unless explicitly overriden

Fixes and Updates

  • LifterLMS Certificates will never display sidebars
  • Added a new “Button” subheading to LifterLMS Product Archive settings screen.
  • Changed LifterLMS Product Archive Tile Footer Border language. Previously said “Top Border” but styles actually applied to the entire border. Now the label correctly states the settings purpose
  • Fixed directory name of Metaboxes directory so that custom metaboxes will properly load on servers that couldn’t load them because of case sensitivity. Was “MetaBoxes”, now “Metaboxes”.

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