LifterLMS Version 3.18.0

Privacy & GDPR Compliance Tools
  • Added privacy policy notice on checkout, enrollment, and registration that integrates with the WP Core 4.9.6 Privacy Policy Page setting
  • Added settings to allow customization of the privacy policy and terms & conditions notices during checkout, enrollment, and registration
  • Added suggested Privacy Policy language outlining information gathered by a default LifterLMS site

  • During a WordPress Personal Data Export request the following LifterLMS information will be added to the export

  • All personal information gathered from registration, checkout, and enrollment forms

  • Course and membership enrollments, progress, and grades
  • Earned achievements and certificates
  • All order data

  • During a WordPress Personal Data Erasure request the following LifterLMS information will be erased

  • All personal information gathered from registration, checkout, and enrollment forms

  • Earned achievements and certificates
  • All notifications for or about the user
  • If the “Remove Order Data” setting is enabled, the order will be anonymized by removing student personal information from the order and, if the order is a recurring order, it will be cancelled.
  • If the “Remove Student LMS Data” setting is enabled, all student data related to course and membership activity will be removed

  • All of the above relies on features available in WordPress core 4.9.6

Updates and Enhancements
  • Tested up to WordPress 4.9.6
  • Improved pricing table UX for members-only access plans. An access plan button for a plan belonging to only one membership will click directly to the membership as opposed to opening a popover. Plan’s with access via multiple memberships will continue to open a popover listing all availability options.
  • Added a “My Certificates” tab to the Student Dashboard
  • Certificates can be downloaded as HTML files (available when viewing a certificate or from the certificate reporting screen on the admin panel)
  • Admins can now delete certificates and achievements from reporting screens on the admin panel
  • Added additional information to certificate and achievement reporting tables
  • Expanded widths of admin settings page setting names to be a bit wider and more readable
  • Now conditionally hiding some settings when they are no longer relevant
  • Added daily cron automatically remove files from the LLMS_TMP_DIR which are more that 24 hours old
  • Removed unused template content-llms_membership.php
  • Added initialization actions for use by integration classes
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue causing coupon reports to always display “1” regardless of actual number of coupons used
  • Fixid issue causing new posts created via the Course Builder to always be created for user_id #1
  • Fixed issue causing “My Achievements” to display twice on the My Achievements student dashboard tab
  • Fixed issue preventing lessons from being completed when a quiz in draft mode was attached to the lesson
  • Fixed issue causing minified RTL stylesheets to 404
Template Updates

Monthly Bug Scrub Notes May 2018

Issues Summary

  • Discussed: 13
  • Closed: 2
  • Raised: 2
  • Participants: 2

May 2018 Milestone on GitHub

Issue & Pull Request Notes

JS & CSS Assets, Dependencies, & Performance

Iss. #146 & Iss. #520 (& Related PR #484)

  • JS (and CSS) dependencies must be defined and improved
  • Scripts should not load on non LifterLMS Pages except when a LifterLMS shortcode or widget exists
  • JS errors resulting from improperly defined JS dependencies
  • Assigned to Thomas to review & merge #484
  • Assigned to Saurabh for implementation
  • Assigned to May 2018 Milestone

BuddyPress Enhancements

Iss. #164

  • Feature enhancements clarified
  • Moved to Future Milestone
  • Unassigned

Metaboxes Cleanup and Gutenberg Prep

Iss. #191 & Iss. #244

  • Finalize cleanup from LifterLMS 2.x to 3.x metabox transitions
  • Identify updates required for Gutenberg forward compatibility
  • #244 closed as duplicate of #191
  • Assigned to Saurabh (who will recruit additional contributors for Gutenberg research)

Conflict with Contact Form 7

Iss. #223

  • Reported in 2016 & never reproduced
  • Closed as wont fix

Checkout Fields UI for Logged when Checkout Fields Disabled

Iss. #235

  • Billing Info area on checkout / enrollment is blank for logged in users when all registration fields are disabled
  • Unassigned & help wanted

Vouchers Admin Screen UI Update

Iss. #239

  • CSS / SCSS color scheme updates required
  • Unassigned & help wanted

Free Lesson Stamp UI Issues

Iss. #253

  • “FREE” stamp on lesson syllabus doesn’t make sense to display to users who already have access to the course content
  • Clarified issue language & added potential solutions
  • Unassigned & help wanted

Add Current Item classes to WP Nav menus for catalogs

Iss. #257

  • May not still be an issue (needs some better reproduction steps)
  • Ensure themes can control the current menu item highlight on nav menus when viewing course / membership catalogs
  • Unassigned & help wanted

Prerequisite Checks on Post Trash

Iss. #263

  • Clarified language
  • Added additional conditions to check
  • Discussed possible strategies and solutions
  • Unassigned

(NEW) Course Level Drip & Prereq Settings

Iss. #521

  • Raised as a possible helper solution to #263
  • Unassigned and added to future milestone

(New) Course “Elements”

Iss. #522

  • Notes on ongoing refactoring / functionality expansion discussion to increase the flexibility of courses
  • Unassigned and added to future milestone


  • Created additional labels to be added to issues to help identify the languages required to resolve the issue: PHP, Javascript, CSS/SCSS
  • Join us for our next scrub on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 9am – 10am PST



LifterLMS Version 3.17.7

  • Fix issue preventing assignments passing grade requirement from saving properly
  • Fix issue preventing builder toggle switches from properly saving some switch field data
  • Fix with “Launch Builder” button causing it to extend outside the bounds of its container
  • Fix issue with builder radio select fields during view rerenders
  • Course Outline shortcode (and widget) now retrieve parent course of the current page more consistently with other shortcodes
  • Added ability to filter which custom post types which can be children of a course (allows course shortcodes & widgets to be used in assignment sidebars of custom content areas)

LifterLMS Version 3.17.6

  • Updated language on recurring orders with no expiration settings. Orders no longer say “Lifetime Access” and instead output no expiration information
  • Quiz editor on builder updated to be consistent visually and functionally to the lesson settings editor
  • Improved the builder field API to allow for radio element fields
  • Fix issue causing JS error on admin settings pages
  • Updated CSS for Certificates to be more generally compatible with theme styles when printed
  • Allow system print settings to control print layout for certificates by removing explicit landscape declarations
  • Now passing additional data to filters used to create custom columns on reporting screens
  • Remove unused JS files & Chosen JS library
  • Added filter to allow opting into alternate student dashboard order layout. Use add_filter( 'llms_sd_stacked_order_layout', '__return_true' ) to stack the payment update sidebar below the main order information. This is disabled by default.
  • Achievement and Certificate basic notifications now auto-dismiss after 10 seconds like all other basic notifications
  • Deprecated Filter llms_get_quiz_theme_settings and added backwards compatible methods to transition themes using this filter to the new custom field api. For more information see new methods at
  • Increased default z-index on notifications to prevent notifications from being hidden behind floating / static navigation menus
Template Updates

LifterLMS Version 3.17.5

Admin Settings Interface Improvements
  • Improved admin settings page interface to allow for section navigation
  • Updated checkout setting pages to utilize a separate section (page) for each available payment gateway
  • Added a table of payment gateways to see at a glance which gateways are enabled and allows drag and drop reordering of gateway display order
  • Moved dashboard endpoints to a separate section on the accounts settings area
  • Updated CSS on settings page to have more regular spacing between subtitles and settings fields
  • Added a “View” button next to any admin setting post/page selection field to allow quick viewing of the selected post
  • Purchase page setting field is now ajax powered like all other page selection settings
  • Renamed dashboard settings section titles to be more consistent with language in other areas of LifterLMS
  • All dashboard endpoints now automatically sanitized to be URL safe
Updates and Enhancements
  • Dashboard endpoints can now be deregistered by setting the endpoint slug to be blank on account settings
Bug Fixes
  • Fix issue causing 404s for various script files when SCRIPT_DEBUG is enabled
  • Fix issue with audio & video embeds to prevent fallback to default post attachments
  • Fix issue causing student selection boxes to malfunction due to missing dependencies when loaded over slow connections
Template Updates