LifterLMS Twilio

LifterLMS Twilio Version 2.0.0

Minimum Requirement Updates
  • [BREAKING} Raised the minimum required LifterLMS core version to version 4.0.
  • [BREAKING} Raised the minimum requires WordPress core version to 5.6.
New Features
  • Added a new integration setting, “SMS Opt-in Checkbox Label” which enables customization of the label displayed alongside the opt-in consent checkbox field on user information forms.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue preventing the SMS opt-in consent field from displaying.
Breaking Changes
  • Removed previously deprecated class, LLMS_TwiML.
  • Removed previously deprecated function, LLMS_Twilio().

LifterLMS Twilio Version 1.1.0

Version Requirements
  • The minimum required LifterLMS Core version has been raised to 3.37.19. Please upgrade the LifterLMS Core to continue using this add-on.
  • Added the ability to refresh the cached “From Numbers” list on the integration settings screen.
  • Added the ability to use environment variables or constants to store API credentials.
  • Added a link to the integration settings screen on the plugin settings screen.
  • Added automatic logging of API response errors.
  • Various minor changes to use WP core functions in favor of native PHP functions, per WP coding standards.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue encountered when saving the plugin settings for the first time.
  • Fixed issue encountered using text to enroll when running WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY is enabled.
  • Fixed issue causing HTML entities (like a currency symbol) to be encoded when sent via SMS.
  • Deprecated class LLMS_TwiML in favor of LLMS_Twilio_TwiML.
  • Deprecated function LLMS_Twilio() in favor of llms_twilio().
  • Deprecated loading the LLMS_Notification_Processor_Twilio from the class-llms-twilio-notification-processor.php file.

LifterLMS Twilio Version 1.0.2

  • Added recommend privacy policy text via WordPress 4.9.6 functions
  • Tested to WordPress 4.9.6
  • Fix issue causing plugin integration settings to prevent other LifterLMS integration settings (from other add-ons) from displaying on the admin panel
  • Optimize loading of plugin files