LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.10

  • Added text domain to i18n functions that were missing the domain.
  • Fixed setting roles instead of appending them when updating user, thanks @pondermatic!
  • Added a “trigger” parameter to enrollment-related endpoints.
  • Added llms_rest_enrollments_item_schema, llms_rest_prepare_enrollment_object_response, llms_rest_enrollment_links filter hooks.
  • Fixed return when the enrollment to be deleted doesn’t exist, returns 204 instead of 404.
  • Fixed ‘context’ query parameter schema, thanks @pondermatic!

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.9

  • Added memberships controller, huge thanks to @pondermatic!

  • Added new filters:

  • llms_rest_lesson_filters_removed_for_response

  • llms_rest_course_item_schema

  • llms_rest_pre_insert_course

  • llms_rest_prepare_course_object_response

  • llms_rest_course_links

  • Improved validation when defining instructors for courses.

  • Improved performance on post collection listing functions.

Bug fixes
  • Ensure that a course instructor is always set for courses.
  • Fixed sales_page_url not returned in edit context.
  • In update_additional_object_fields() method, use WP_Error::$errors in place of WP_Error::has_errors() to support WordPress version prior to 5.1.

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.8

  • Return links to those taxonomies which have an accessible rest route.
  • Initialize $prepared_item array before adding values to it. Thanks @pondermatic!
  • Fixed sales_page_type not returned as none if course’s sales_page_content_type property is empty.
  • Load webhook actions a little bit later, to avoid PHP warnings on first plugin activation.
  • Renamed sales_page_page_type and sales_page_page_url properties, respectively to sales_page_type and sales_page_url according to the specs.
  • Add missing quotes in enrollment/access default messages shortcodes.
  • Call set_bulk() llms post method passing true as second parameter, so to instruct it to return a WP_Error on failure.
  • Add missing quotes in enrollment/access default messages shortcodes.
  • sales_page_page_id and sales_page_url always returned in edit context.
  • Call set_bulk() llms post method passing true as second parameter, so to instruct it to return a WP_Error on failure.

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.7

  • Added the following properties to the lesson schema and response object: drip_date, drip_days, drip_method, public, quiz.
  • Added the following links to lesson objects: prerequisite and quiz.
  • Use WP_Error::$errors in place of WP_Error::has_errors() to support WordPress version prior to 5.1.
  • Added llms_rest_lesson_item_schema, llms_rest_pre_insert_lesson, llms_rest_prepare_lesson_object_response, llms_rest_lesson_links filter hooks.
  • Course properties access_opens_date, access_closes_date, enrollment_opens_date, enrollment_closes_date are now nullable.
  • Course properties prerequisite and prerequisite_track can be be cleared (set to 0 to signify no prerequisite exists).
  • Added prerequisite validation for courses, if prerequisite is not a valid course the course prerequisite will be set to 0 and if prerequisite_track is not a valid course track, the course prerequisite_track will be set to 0.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lesson siblings link that was using the parent course’s id instead of the parent section’s id.
  • Fixed lesson parent link href, replacing ‘section’ with ‘sections’.
  • Fixed lesson progression callback name when defining the filters to be removed while preparing the item for response.
  • Fixed description of the post_id path parameter for student enrollments resources. Thanks @pondermatic.
  • Fixed section parent course object retrieval method when building the resource links.

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.4

  • Load authentication handlers as early as possible. Fixes conflicts with numerous plugins which load user information earlier than expected by the WordPress core.
  • Harden permissions associated with viewing student enrollment information.
  • Returns a 400 Bad Request when invalid dates are supplied.
  • Student Enrollment objects return student and post id’s as integers instead of strings.
  • Fixed references to an undefined function.

LifterLMS REST API Version 1.0.0-beta.3

Interface and Experience improvements during API Key creation
  • Better expose that API Keys are never shown again after the initial creation.
  • Allow downloading of API Credentials as a .txt file.
  • Add required properties to required fields.
  • Added the ability to CRUD webhooks via the REST API.
  • Conditionally throw _doing_it_wrong on server controller stubs.
  • Improve performance by returning early when errors are encountered for various methods.
  • Utilizes a new custom property show_in_llms_rest to determine if taxonomies should be displayed in the LifterLMS REST API.
  • On the webhooks table the “Delivery URL” is trimmed to 40 characters to improve table readability.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a formatting error when creating webhooks with the default auto-generated webhook name.
  • On the webhooks table a translatable string is output for the status instead of the database value.
  • Fix an issue causing the “Last” page pagination link to display for lists with 0 possible results.
  • Don’t output the “Last” page pagination link on the last page.